Terms and Conditions & User Agreement

Welcome to the Cheapflight.vip website. Use of the Site is governed by the following terms and conditions

  • All prices are shown in USD.
  • Tickets and rates are not guaranteed until payments are received. The credit or debit card must have enough money from the booking time to when the ticket is issued. The price mentioned at the initial booking or subsequent bookings will not be guaranteed if issues are processing the card, whether due to insufficient funds or other restrictions (s).
  • No refunds or transfers are permitted for any tickets.
  • The initial and last name of each tourist must be entered into the reservation exactly as it appears on their government-issued IDs, such as their passport, driver’s license, or any other acceptable forms of identification that may be required.
  • Your entire amount could be divided into two parts airfare and a non-refundable Cheapflight.vip booking fee. The total combined price will be the same as what was quoted and authorized by you at the time of booking. Wherever applicable, the booking fee will be included in the total fare.
  • Airline baggage fees are not included in the prices.
  • Customers who buy trip insurance from Travelex are responsible for contacting Travelex directly for any changes, cancellations, clarifications, or claims related to their travel insurance.
  • All international customers must obtain and carry the proper travel documentation, such as a passport, visa, advanced parole, etc. The traveler is responsible for looking into applicable travel restrictions to determine the documentation needed and getting it as early as possible before the departure date. It is not the responsibility of Cheapflight.vip or its agents to respond to specific inquiries about the necessity of travel documentation.
  • Requests for cancellations and exchanges must be made four (4) hours before the departure time. If the airline permits, the initial purchase amount less any applicable airline penalties and any fare difference between the original fare paid and the fare associated with the new ticket(s) may be reimbursed or exchanged following the fare rules linked with the ticket(s) issued (s). In addition, there will be a change/refund fee from Cheapflight. The penalties imposed by airlines for refunds or exchanges are out of the control of Cheapflight.vip.
  • A ticket loses all value if/when the person using it during any part of the trip does not arrive at the check-in counter or cancels the reservation at least 2-4 hours before scheduled departure or as required by specific airline regulations.
  • Within four hours of scheduled departures, customers who wish to make last-minute modifications must contact the airline immediately.
  • Several airlines, each with different fare regulations, are often involved in international travel. If more than one set of fare rules is associated with the total fare, the most restrictive rules will apply to the entire booking.


In providing travel management services, Cheapflight does not guarantee or ensure the services that will be delivered by any suppliers, their financial standing, or your compensation for any losses resulting from those suppliers’ financial situation. Injuries, losses, accidents, damage, delays, nonperformance, irregularities, or any other consequences that may result from a supplier of travel products’ carelessness, default, or other actions or omissions are not the responsibility or liability of Cheapflight.com. After a customer makes a purchase, Cheapflight.com is not responsible for any price changes or other changes to the travel service.

There can be a fee associated with refunds once tickets have been issued.

You have the legal authority to engage in this agreement and use the Site in accordance with all of its terms and conditions, are at least 18 years old, and meet all other eligibility requirements. You acknowledge that your use of the website will be billed in full (as well as for the use of your account by others). Any bookings made by people under your authority or control are your responsibility. Additionally, by using the Site, you certify that all information provided by you, anyone acting on your behalf, or members of your household is truthful and correct. Additionally, you attest that the traveler is not an unaccompanied minor. Any reservation merely exploratory, deceptive, fraudulent, or made in anticipation of demand is prohibited. You acknowledge that reservations for travel services made through the website may only be made on your behalf or on behalf of another person for whom you have the legal authority to act. You are aware that using the Site’s travel service reservation features excessively or disrespectfully may result in you being refused access to those features.

A) You should confirm all of your flights at least 72 hours before your departure. At least two hours before departure, you must check-in, and at least thirty minutes before departure, you must show up at the gate for boarding (1 hour for Air India).

B) Government-issued valid photo identification is required for all domestic flights. A valid passport and valid travel documents are required for all international flights.

Our website may offer you a cheaper fare from or to the surrounding airport of your city of origin or destination. The website will indicate if the food is more affordable from nearby airports. We usually consider all surrounding airports within the distance of 60 miles from your desired airport. Choosing a nearby airport can save up to 20% on your airline ticket. Please note that this is your responsibility to review your itinerary carefully and make a note of each airport you have selected and booked.

Please note that all special requests—for seats, meals, frequent flyer status, and other things—are requests only. Without prior notice, the airline maintains the right to submit changes to the requested seat allocation. Verification of all submissions with the airline is advised. We cannot promise that you will be given the seat of your choice. Additionally, we cannot guarantee that the airline will receive and confirm your requests for meals, frequent flyer miles, and other items. Therefore, it is advised that you get in touch with your airline directly to confirm these requirements.

Each airline has policies regarding minors under the age of 12 (and, in some instances, under the age of 17) who fly independently without an adult passenger. Unaccompanied minors may not pass on some carriers without an accompanying adult. Unaccompanied minors may only fly with specific airlines on nonstop flights and must not depart in the early morning or late at night. The final flight of the day cannot be reserved for Minor. Unaccompanied minors are subject to an extra charge from all airlines that are not included in the ticket cost. This fee is payable to the airline directly at the airport. You must call the airline to verify the rules and restrictions and applicable charges for an unaccompanied minor traveling alone.

Many airlines do not offer e-tickets for infants. Please get in touch with customer service after you complete the infant booking.

No airline ticket is ever refundable or transferable. Airlines-specific guidelines and limitations regarding cancellations are always in effect. When an airline permits a cancellation, the traveler may be eligible for a credit that can be used for a future ticket purchase with the same airline. In these circumstances, there will be extra fees (if any) and any related penalties.

Date change on the completely unutilized domestic ticket:​ When canceling a reservation, you must pay us a cancellation fee starting at $50 per person and ticket, which we keep, where the airline permits and following the fare rules, entirely unused domestic tickets may be changed before the first travel date for the corresponding change fee of $100 to $200 plus any fare difference. Prices differ across airlines. There could be an agency processing (ticket exchange) charge. The credit will only be held for a brief period; ask the customer support representative when you must use it to avoid losing its value.

All changes must be done before departure of your first flight segment, or a full unused ticket has no value. The airline provides no credit if the new ticket price exceeds the original ticket.

Date change on the completely unutilized international ticket: ​ When canceling a ticket, you must pay us a cancellation fee starting at $75 per person and ticket, which we keep. Where the airline permits and follows the fare rules, entirely unused international tickets may be changed before the first travel date for the corresponding change fee of $150 to $450.00 plus any fare difference. Prices vary from airline to airline and may be associated with agency processing (ticket exchange). The credit will only be held for a short time; ask the customer support representative when you must use it to avoid losing its value.

All changes must be done before the first travel date, or a full unused ticket has no value. The airline does not give any credit if the new ticket price is less than the original ticket.

Return date change on domestic flights:​ A return trip may be altered whenever the airline permits it, following the terms of the fare with an additional cost of $100 to $200 (which varies from airline to airline). There could be an agency processing (ticket exchange) charge.

Return date change on international flights:​ For international travel, the airline may change flights wherever permitted by the airline as per fare rules with the applicable change fee of $150.00 to $450.00 (varies from airline to airline), plus any difference in fares. An agency processing (ticket exchange) fee may apply. All return date changes must meet the maximum validity of your ticket.

24 hours cancellation: We can help you with any modifications you might need to make. You may cancel your ticket within 24 hours of your initial ticket purchase. There is a $50 domestic and $75 international agency fee. We provide change, cancellation, and refund support through our 24/7/365 customer care. For a nominal price, you can register for our Travel Assist plan, which will cover all travelers. With the Travel Assist plan, you are exempt from the regular cancellation fee if you change or cancel your flight within 24 hours of purchasing your original ticket.

Standard airline cancellation policies will take effect after 24 hours.

Basic Economy Fare: The Airline’s cheapest fare option is the Basic Economy fare. In exchange for various airline restrictions, Basic Economy fares give you the same Main Cabin experience for a lesser price: There are restrictions on carry-on bags, assigned seats at the airport, and no free upgrades. Tickets are not exchangeable or refundable.

Domestic fully unused tickets: Under any circumstances, including severe sickness, all domestic flight tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be returned. However, the traveler is entitled to credit with the airline less the applicable airline/agency fee if the ticket is canceled correctly at least two hours before the first flight. Airline fees vary from $100 to $200, depending on the airline. In case of a no-show or if the flight is canceled after the cancellation deadline, credit is impossible. There will be a $50 processing fee.

Domestic partially used tickets: All domestic partially used or no-show tickets have no refund or credit value.

Fully unused tickets for India: Most of our airline-included tickets to India are wholesale and refundable after paying the necessary airline fees. From $200 to $450.00 or more is charged as a refund fee. Each airline has a different fare structure. Before starting your first flight segment, you must send any refund requests by email; otherwise, any unused tickets will become worthless. In the event of a no-show, a flight cancellation that occurs after the cancellation deadline, or where the fare restriction prohibits a refund, there is no possibility of a refund. It will include a $75 processing fee. You must contact us and speak with a live agent to verify that your refund request has been received.

International fully unused tickets: Most international tickets are non-refundable. In some instances, the airline may allow cancellations, and a credit may be available for future ticket purchases on the same airline for the same passenger. Reissue (exchange) fees apply from $200.00 to $400.00, depending on the airline and fare rules. Usually, the credit is valid for one year from the original purchase date (date of issue). Tickets must be canceled before your first flight segment. A processing fee of $75 will apply.

All refund requests must be sent via email to AirTkt.com. You must call us and confirm if we have received your refund request. Refund is not possible after departure. For complete details of fees and charges please call us or the airline. Few International tickets with conditional promotion or sale are nonrefundable and may not be used for future travel.

International partially used tickets: All International partially used and no-show tickets have no refund or credit value.

Flights may be changed or cancelled by airlines for operational or technical needs. Such modifications or cancellations may also result from weather circumstances. The airline will make an effort to re-protect the passengers for a different date or trip in such circumstances. If they are unable to offer an alternative under their applicable restrictions, airlines may issue credit or a refund.

Airlines have the right to make last-minute or unplanned scheduling changes. 24 to 72 hours before departure, passengers are entirely responsible for checking the status of their flights with the airlines. Before and during their trip, passengers should check our email or phone number on file since they might get vital travel-related information, like schedule changes and more.

If you find out that your flight has been delayed or canceled, please contact us at any time, day or night. We will examine the adjustments made by the airline and negotiate on your behalf for the best solution that complies with the airline’s schedule change policy. It should be noted that rebooking is not possible in the following situations:

  • When a passenger is unable to fulfill their obligations and misses their flight.
  • When a passenger voluntarily reschedules their flight.
  • When a passenger declines to accept the airline’s alternate option.
  • When a passenger wishes to rebook a flight that is not covered by the airline’s rescheduling policy.

A charge of up to $75 per passenger is applied to each schedule change service we offer.

Please note we do not take any responsibility – financial or non-financial in case of such a schedule change or flight cancellation.

The price chosen and booked is only guaranteed until all conditions are met, and the ticket is issued. Airlines occasionally change prices and availability, which could result in fare adjustments or errors. Even after you’ve completed an internet booking, the price may change. In the event of a fare change, we will give your prompt notice. However, we disclaim all liability, whether financial or otherwise. You can cancel your booking or buy the ticket at the revised fare after we inform you of the new price and other options. If there is a fare increase or error, you can decline and cancel the booking at no cost to you.

a) Passport: Every passenger needs a valid passport to travel internationally.

b) Visa: Each passenger is solely responsible for meeting any visa requirements, and Cheapflight.vip disclaims all liability if a passenger is refused boarding or entrance due to a lack of these documents.

Due to the global outbreak of the Coronavirus, specific entry requirements and travel warnings have been put in place (COVID-19). Before departure, travelers should check the COVID-19 directives, the most recent COVID travel limitations, and the necessary quarantine requirements. They should also immediately confirm their flight bookings with the airlines. Passengers may now be required to fill out health declaration forms, which must be done at the airline’s check-in desk. Before your flight, allow additional time at the airport to complete this paperwork. We strongly urge you to verify with your airline before your trip because many countries have entry or transit restrictions. This is because the laws are constantly changing.

Before entering or transiting their country, some countries require foreign visitors to have an International Certificate of Vaccination (aka Yellow Card) or other proof that they have had certain immunizations or medical tests (such as COVID-19). Check the Country Specific Information and contact the airline or foreign embassy of the country to be visited or transited through for current entry requirements before you travel.

Your transaction does not guarantee entry into the country of destination or transit with Cheapflight.vip. The traveler is informed that Cheapflight.vip does not take responsibility for determining whether the traveler is authorized to enter or transit through any specific country or destination. Cheapflight.vip information, if any, must be verified with government authorities. Such information does not imply responsibility on the part of Cheapflight.vip.

Taxes and other charges that the government imposes on air travel may be included in the price of this ticket. These taxes and fees, which could account for a significant amount of the cost of flying, are either included in the fare or are listed separately in the TAXES box (as) on the ticket.

You might need to retrieve your bags at the connecting airport and check in again to continue your journey if connecting flights involve two or more airlines or if you have a long delay (over six hours). Depending on your nationality, transit visa restrictions may apply. Additionally, you are informed that each airline may charge an additional price for extra baggage if you have more than the allotted amount. Most airlines now charge baggage fees even for the first bag checked in. Depending on the size and weight of the bag, check-bag costs might be as high as 50 USD or even more. When using this service, these fees must be paid directly to the airline. For the latest baggage fees and re-check-in/baggage policies, you must speak with the airline directly. Please call the airline/Embassy or Consulate for any transit visa requirements.

a) Cheapflight.vip acts only as an agent of the respective airlines and is therefore not responsible for any lack of performance on the part of the airline or any other travel supplier. In the event that an airline fails to perform, the airline (not Cheapflight.vip) is responsible for any refund due. Cheapflight.vip is not responsible for any act, mistake or error, omission, injury, any loss or accident, damage of any type, nonperformance or underperformance or any consequence thereof, which may be arise due to neglect or error or any other act or any type of inaction of any supplier of travel product and services.

b) Liability for loss, damage, or delay of baggage is solely the responsibility of the airline.

c) You are also subject to the terms and conditions stated on the airline ticket.

d) It is your responsibility to examine your ticket/receipt / itinerary upon receipt to ensure that your travel dates, origin and destination cities, and other information are correct. If you fail to do so, Cheapflight.vip will accept no responsibility for any discrepancies.

e) Cheapflight.vip have no control over the printed priced on the tickets, some tickets shows BT or BULK fare on them, some other tickets may show a particular value and this value may be different from the fare collected (lower or higher).

f) Cheapflight.vip may refuse any ticket purchase or service to any customer If the company is unable to verify credit card information, card holder is not contactable to verify and authorize the charge or if company suspects any fraudulent activity on the purchase. Service may be refused by Cheapflight.vip if the online transition is not meeting their terms and condition and company policy.

Payment can be made by Western Union, credit card or debit card (Visa, Master, Discover, American Express or Diners Club).

A reservation is not complete until confirmed/ticketed. To protect our customers, we verify with the card company that the billing addresses and other information provided by you are accurate. Until such information is verified, the fare is subject to change. We are not responsible for any transaction that is declined based upon a credit/debit card that is declined by the issuing company or a travel provider or if, for any reason, the debit/credit card billing address and/or credit card verification number cannot be verified in a timely manner, nor are we responsible for any changes in fare or any other charges that may occur during our verification process. At times when the fare selected is not available an approval code may have been taken on your credit card, if the transaction is not completed the approval code may block your available credit for a time period until the bank removes the block.

Third party credit card payment requires authorization from the card holder. Ticket purchase is not complete unless we receive an authorization from the card holder. We will notify you if your credit card is not valid, any information is missing or entered incorrectly or funds are not available. In such cases ticket will be finally processed once we talk to the card holder and settle the discrepancy.

You agree to be responsible and fully liable for any and all credit card payment, dispute or any other issue such as fraud made to us or to any of our supplier. You agree to pay Cheapflight.vip in case of any fraud or charge back.

I understand and agree that once I pay for this ticket, I will not receive a refund of any portion of the money I paid for this ticket, under any circumstances unless fare rules permit. Buying tickets by credit card, I will not be able to file a challenge to the charge that will be placed on my credit card and I hereby waive any rights to challenge the charge. I instruct the credit card issuer to fully and completely ignore any such challenge and not to forward any such challenge neither to the airline on which this ticket entitles to travel nor to the travel agency that is selling me this ticket.

When you receive the statement, you will find the total charges on your card will be the same as agreed but it may split in more than one transaction with break down such as (airline name + agency fee = total charge) for each passenger. If you have more than one airline, charges may split in both airlines names plus agency fee in total for all passengers together. Agency fee will appear as Eros Tours and Travel.


In some cases, total charges on your card will appear as one single charge from Eros Tours and Travel. (Total combined charge for all passengers).


In some cases, total charges on your card will appear with airline name for each passenger.

In all above cases your total charge will be the same as you have agreed. Please check your statement carefully and combine all break-down of the charges together to reach the total agreed amount. If you have any questions call our 24×7 support 1-888-247-1314 before you do any charge back.

All charge back is subject to $50.00 reprocessing fee for each passenger on top of the original charge.

We offer specific promotional fare where we give a special extra discount. In such cases, your debit or credit card may be billed upfront for the regular price, and we will settle the remaining balance discount by doing cash back on the card used by you to make this purchase. You will see the cashback amount with the breakdown of the charges on your E-ticket.

Depending on the card type and the settlement policy of your card company, such cash back typically takes 2-7 working days to reflect on your account.

All fares are inclusive of agency service fee. Wherever applicable, the agency service fee will be included with in the total fare displayed. Agency service fee is charged per person for all passenger types to provide value such as call center support, 24×7 toll free phone, ticketing, quality control, technology automation etc. The service fee on airline ticket range between USD 0.00 to USD 28 or more based on fare type, availability, seasonality, referral source and destinations, car booking USD 5, hotel booking USD 10, cruise booking USD 20. Additional last minute processing fee apply for urgent travel. For all last-minute bookings, we undertake added security step to prevent any fraudulent charges made to your card by unauthorized users. These security steps include card verification with your financial institutions, early fraud alert on your purchase, use of fraud prevention tool, authentication of charge authorization and more. These added security steps cost us more than usual and we try to cover some of that cost by charging “last minute processing fee”. This fee helps us to serve our customer at the last minute with full promptness and security. Agency service fee is subject to change prior to any advance notice, fee is nonrefundable and will also be charged in case you decide to cancel or change your booking under applicable airline / supplier rules. If you need any clarification regarding this fee, please call us before you complete your booking.

Your charge may split in more than one transaction and may appear with break down in your statement.

Breaking down the charges by us enables you to save 3-4 % on your purchase. You will find the total charges on your card will be the same as agreed but it may split in more than one transaction with break down such as (airline name + agency fee = total charge) for each passenger. If you have more than one airline, charges may split in both airlines names plus agency fee in total for all passengers together. Agency fee will appear as Eros Tours and Travel.

In some cases, total charges on your card will appear as one single charge from Eros Tours and Travel. (Total combined charge for all passengers).

In some cases, total charges on your card will appear with airline name for each passenger.

In all above cases your total charge will be the same as quoted and authorized by you at the time of booking.

All refund requests must be in writing and take 4- 7 weeks.

  1. A) Refunds are not possible in case of flight delays; however, airline always try to provide you the best possible alternate.
  2. b) Delays in ticket deliveries lost, stolen, or misplaced tickets (E – Tickets are recommend where available).

cheapflight.vip is not responsible for the pricing and availability of any products sold through its website. Periodically Airlines and suppliers may change prices and products may be sold out before cheapflight.vip is able to update the website. Airline ticket availability and pricing is not guaranteed until the credit card is authorized and the tickets are issued. Cancellations and changes to your flight may not be permitted and may carry penalties of up to 100%.

This transaction is made and executed in the County and City of Los Angeles in California and shall be controlled in substance and procedure by California law. Should it become necessary for you or for us to take any court action, including small claims court actions, regarding any dispute that may arise from this transaction, you acknowledge and agree that the court action shall be filed and take place in the court district of our California corporate address in Los Angeles and shall be controlled, in substance and procedure, by California law. We acknowledge and agree to the same. The prevailing party in such an action shall be entitled to recover attorney’s fees, court costs, and related litigation expenses.

Federal laws forbid the carriage of hazardous materials on the aircraft, in carry-on or checked baggage; please check the link below for detailed information and exception.


It will help if you reconfirm with the respective airline regarding rules and exceptions for hazardous materials before your flight.

Premium Travel Assist plan allows customers to cancel their bookings within 24 hours from the time of their original ticket purchase & have other post-ticketing benefits for a minimal fee which will cover all travelers without subjecting you to our standard administrative cancellation fees. However, the difference in fare may apply in case of date change. After 24 hours, our standard fee and airline rules apply.

Our Platinum plan allows customers any time change and cancellation without paying any agency service fee.

Premium & Platinum support is available 24x7x365 for change, cancellation and refund.

Depending on the plan customer selects, Travel Assist service includes:

24 hours change & cancellation: A post ticketing agency service fee will be charged besides any difference in fare if you need to change or cancel your booking within 24 hours from the original purchase. Premium and Platinum plan will avoid this potential agency service fee within 24 hours of your booking and receive a full refund, after 24 hours standard airline penalty/rules apply.

Any time change and cancellation: No agency service fee will be charged if you buy Platinum Plan (airline penalty & difference in fare for change are not covered.)

Fast pass: Premium and Platinum plan allows you to skip-the-queue and get faster customer service 24x7x365.

Rescheduling Assistance: If the airline changes their schedule, we will find the best alternative flights and re-book possibilities or help you get a full refund from the airlines.

Extra Value Bundle: Latest updates by SMS about flight delays or changes, booking confirmation by SMS, within 24 Hours of purchase, you may change Name, Date, Time, or Date of Birth for free. However, a fare difference (if any), will apply.

Important: Travel Assist Plan is applicable on original purchase only and it does not apply when you make a date change/reschedule on your ticket.

Note: Travel Assist Plan is nonrefundable and cannot be removed or credited once your reservation has been submitted.